Meeting Dr. Herbert, Autism Specialist

Meeting Dr. Herbert, Autism Specialist

Meeting Dr. Herbert, Autism Specialist.  I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting Martha Herbert, MD, Ph.D. yesterday!  Not only did I get to meet her, I got to visit with her about several topics.  This was a unique opportunity that was also unexpected.  If I had know, I would have been more organized in my thoughts.  But, maybe it was best this way.

The Autism Revolution

As noted on the back flap of her book cover “The Autism Revolution“, Dr. Herbert “is an assistant professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School and a pediatric neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, where she is the director of the TRANSCEND Research Program.  She also sits on the Scientific Advisory Committee for Autism Speaks.”

I love the full title on the front of the book, “The Autism Revolution, Whole Body Strategies For Making Life All It Can Be“.  By meeting Dr. Herbert and being able to visit with her for approximately 30 minutes, I walked away with answers to concerns, valuable information and enthusiasm.  I did not realize who I was meeting at first.  As our conversation proceeded, so did the realization that I was with someone that held a wealth of knowledge!

Dr. Herbert is a pediatric neurologist that has evolved into a specialist in the world of autism.  My youngest son Jackson gave us a scare last year.  Actually, it was a pediatric neurologist that provided us with results from a MRI that was done on Jackson that gave us the scare.  In his words “There is a spot in the center of his brain that may grow.  He will need to have another MRI in six months to see if the spot grows”.  My husband asked him point blank if that would mean a tumor, and he answered “yes”.  I spent the following six months holding Jackson in bed each night praying over him.

Long story short, the neurologist we had seen said the spot did not grow after he reviewed the second MRI.  In doing our due diligence, we got a second opinion.  The new neurologist reviewed both MRIs and told us that he did NOT see a spot at all.  So, both answers relieved my anxiety.  This “spot” had either not grown or did not exist at all.  I gave it a rest, but continued to watch for any symptoms that would cause concern.

By having this chance meeting with Dr. Herbert, she was able to look at the pictures of Jackson’s brain and provided some much needed relief!  She explained not only what the spot could be, but why there could have been to different opinions.  Both essentially being the same answer.  It made perfect sense.  BUT, only because she is an expert in pediatric neurology AND autism, could she provide the complete answer.  The mainstream neurologist and radiologist that reviewed the MRI results are not familiar with the world of autism and are not trained to see past their what I consider to be black and white world.

This was so valuable and enlightening to me to be able to have this conversation!  Previously, I had told my husband and a close friend that I wish I could present all of the information about my children to either a panel in one room or ONE person rather than hopping around to many physicians.  Only a few of the doctors that I work with understand autism, the others do not and they are never in the same room.  Imagine that.  Dr. Herbert was an answer to prayer.

Wait, it gets better!  We also talked about the hopeful future of education in autism reaching to more professionals in the medical community.  In addition, I was able to discuss the benefit of specific diets and the idea of working with national organizations through Making Lemonade.

I am elated and my head is spinning!  I purchased her book “The Autism Revolution” right on the spot. I am thrilled with what I have read so far.  I totally agree with her philosophy, and have said many times myself, that approaching autism needs to be done from many angles, not just one.  It is so irritating that I have to put the book down to do things like feed my family and shower. I know, I crack myself up.

Do not walk, but run out to buy this book!  It is not just specific to autism as the title may imply.  Dr. Herbert’s approach can be applied to many neurological issues such as ADHD, SPD, etc.  The whole body approach that is presented by Dr. Herbert in this book can provide positive results to the many issues and challenges that your child is dealing with on a daily basis.

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  • M. Reynolds

    What a wealth of information and a blessing to have such a resource.